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The information listed throughout this site is for historical purposes only. The district is in the process of re-doing the plan!


Overview of Committee Goals and Objectives, with annotations


Second only to its investment in human capital in “helping students achieve their dreams,” the district’s investment in infrastructure requires the same on-going attention and commitment of financial and other resources the dividends of which are student achievement and property value gains. Attention and commitment to its infrastructure is a statement of value the community places in the same and is reflected in the perception outsiders hold of the community (and by extension the district).


By July 1, 2011, have developed and begun implementation, subject to Board approval, a 20-Year Master Facility Plan scheduling the repair, replacement, retrofit, remodeling and/or new construction of district fields and facilities designed to improve student achievement and increase property values


1. Provide state-of-the-art fields and facilities, individually and when taken as a whole, exceeding those of the district’s peers as evidenced by increases home values;
2. Show gains in student achievement as evidenced by increases in state assessment test scores and student graduation rates; and,
3. Optimize the use of district financial and other resources as evidenced by number and total cost of projects funded.


1. Identify all major systems, sub-systems and component parts having a value in excess of $50,000 (2009 dollars) and/or life expectancy of 20 or more years when properly maintained;
2. Sort and categorize systems and parts into logical categories or AIA Divisions;
3. Ascertain the current age or remaining life expectancy of identified systems and parts;
4. Cost in 2009 dollars the repair, replacement, retrofit and/or remodeling of each system and part;
5. Identify new, additional or upgrades (to existing) systems and parts and the 20-year costs associated with the same;
6. Grade systems and parts in terms of “efficiency” (--i.e., energy), “value-add” (--i.e., intangibles), and other measures that help to quantify the value of one system/part over another;
7. Prioritize systems and parts in “helping students achieve their dreams” and/or “promoting and enhancing learning;”
8. Identify one-time and on-going funding sources, cost avoidances, cost re-allocations, and the like;
9. Schedule over the period of 20-years the repair, replacement, retrofit, remodeling and/or new construction of all systems, sub-systems, and component parts having a value in excess of $50,000 and/or life expectancy of 20+ years;
10. Develop implementation recommendations and budgets for presentation to, review by, and approval of the Board of Education; and,
11. Implement beginning with fiscal year 2010-2011 with Plan review and updates every 3-5 years.

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